The Diesel Boat Reunion

Ahoy Shipmates

Welcome to the 28th Diesel Boat Reunion (DBR). The venue will remain the same, Oak Villa Social Club, Weston Mill and will continue to be the first Saturday in August as it has been since DBR was set up.

The buffet will remain at £5.00 sterling which is excellent value. See poster for how to order from the Victualling Coxn. (Wee Billy Dobson).

I will, with the assistance of local Submariners run a RUM raffle again which was very successful. A free tot will be issued on arrival.

Go to the information page for contact details and address to send payment for buffet etc.

All profits made will be donated to charities.

Last year there was £731 left over as well as £396.17 in the Staff bucket.

£200 was donated to “In the Bag” a charity for testicular cancer. (men only)

£200 was donated to “Jack N Jills” a Plymouth charity which looks after RN & RM serving and retired children and Grandchildren from 6 months to 16 year olds.

The other £331 will pay to get the raffle prizes and things started for this year.

My e-mail is please enter in the subject box DBR.

Looking forward to seeing you in August,

Yours aye,